About EHP

Founded by Jero in early 2015,
Eerie Hint Productions is eternally dedicated to the underground Metal Scene,
with a special focus on Bands from east asian countries only.

While getting more fascinated in the past by the rising Metal underground from countries like China, Thailand, Singapore, Japan,..., i found and met serious, evil and truly dedicated Bands. Many of them deserve full support,
not only in their own country, but worldwide. 

For some of these Bands, Metal, especially Black Metal is much more than just drinking beer, making party and hanging around at mainstream festivals.
There's no stupid mask on their face while playing live on stage,
which let them just look evil, but in reality behaving like a poor joke.
They have a deep passion for ancient, occult, satanic and evil themes,
which they combine with their spiritful riffings.
Real maniacs, worshipping underground Metal!

Eerie Hint Productions releases high quality Cassettes,
mainly limited and handumbered to 100 copies.
Patches and more future CD Editions will be published too,
of course always official and loyal to the underground.